Zaxby’s Menu With Prices and Pictures

Are you looking for a tasty and affordable meal? Look no further than this guide to Zaxby’s Menu with prices. Zaxby’s is a fast-casual restaurant chain that primarily operates in the southern united states, with over 900 locations.


In this article, I will give you with an overview of zaxby’s menu items like chicken dishes, sandwiches, salads, and Platters, and their prices. You can choose the dish you like from this menu. So let’s move on.

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Zaxby’s Menu With Prices

Fingerz & Wings Mealz

Menu ItemPrice
Sauced Big Zax Snak® Meal$10.79
Traditional Wings Meal$12.99
Boneless Wings Meal$9.99
Chicken Finger Plate – Sauced 6 Fingers$16.69
Chicken Finger Plate – Sauced 5 Fingers$14.99
Chicken Finger Plate – Sauced 4 Fingers$13.29
Sauced Traditional Wings & Things$16.89
Traditional Wings & Things$15.99
Sauced Boneless Wings & Things$15.09
Boneless Wings & Things$13.79
Chicken Finger Plate – 6 Fingerz$15.09
Chicken Finger Plate – 5 Fingerz$13.69
Chicken Finger Plate – 4 Fingerz$12.29
Big Zax Snak® Meal$9.99
Great 8 Boneless Wings Meal$11.19

Sandwich Mealz

Menu ItemPrice
Grilled Chicken Sandwich$9.89
3 Nibblerz® Sandwich$10.69
Zaxby’s® Spicy Signature Sandwich$11.59
Zaxby’s® Signature Sandwich$11.59
Kickin Chicken Sandwich$9.79
Grilled Chicken Philly$12.09
Fried Chicken Philly$12.09

Big Zalads

Menu ItemPrice
Southwest Zalad® – Garden$10.19
Southwest Zalad® – Grilled$12.89
Southwest Zalad® – Fried$12.89
The Cobb Zalad® – Grilled$12.39
The Cobb Zalad® – Fried$12.39
The House Zalad® – Grilled$12.39
The House Zalad® – Fried$12.09

Famous Fingerz & Wingz

Menu ItemPrice
20 Sauced Chicken Fingerz™$37.29
10 Sauced Chicken Fingerz™$19.69
5 Sauced Chicken Fingerz™$10.39
Traditional Wings – 20$31.19
Traditional Wings – 10$16.79
Traditional Wings – 5$9.49
Boneless Wings – 20$22.49
Boneless Wings – 10$12.29
Boneless Wings – 5$7.09
Chicken Fingerz™ – 20$33.09
Chicken Fingerz™ – 10$17.49
Chicken Fingerz™ – 5$9.29

Fingerz, Wings & Extras

Menu ItemPrice
Chicken Bacon Ranch Loaded Fries$10.39
Fried Pickles$6.49
Fried White Cheddar Bites$5.59
2 Nibblerz®$5.29
Funnel Cake with Caramel Sauce$4.59


Menu ItemPrice
Handcrafted Peach Sweet Tea$4.58
Gallon of Unsweetened Tea$5.19
Gallon of Sweet Tea$5.19


Menu ItemPrice
Basket of Texas Toast$3.19
Crinkle Fries – Large$3.49
Crinkle Fries – Regular$3.19
Extra Dressing$0.00
Extra Sauce$0.00

Family Meals

Menu ItemPrice
Boneless Wings Family Meal$38.99
Sauced Fingerz Family Meal$38.99
Fingerz Family Meal$37.69


Menu ItemPrice
Sauced Chicken Fingerz™ and Traditional Wings Zampler Platter$87.09
Chicken Fingerz™ and Traditional Wings Zampler Platter$96.19
Sauced Chicken Fingerz™ and Boneless Wings Zampler Platter$76.69
Regular Chicken Fingerz™ and Boneless Wings Zampler Platter$74.09
Texas Toast Platter$19.49
Nibblerz Platter$58.49
Traditional Wings Platter$84.49
Sauced Fingerz™ Platter$88.39
Large Chicken Fingerz™ Platter$97.49
Regular Chicken Fingerz™ Platter$77.99
Boneless Wings Platter$74.09
Menu ItemPrice
Kiddie Fingerz Meal$ 7.24
Kiddie Cheese$ 7.24
Menu ItemPrice
Extra Sauce$ 0.31
Crinkle Fries – Large$ 3.86
Extra Dressing$ 0.31
Basket Of Texas Toast$ 2.74
Crinkle Fries – Regular$ 3.36
Zaxby’s Taco$7.99
Zaxby’s Quesadilla$8.99
Zaxby’s Loaded Fries$8.99
Zaxby’s Buffalo Chicken Sandwich$8.99
Zaxby’s Chicken Parm$9.99
Zaxby’s Zinger Sandwich$8.99
Zaxby’s Zalad Sandwich$7.99
Zaxby’s Chicken Finger Wrap$7.99
Zaxby’s Chicken Finger Bowl$7.99
Zaxby’s Buffalo Wing Salad$8.99
Zaxby’s Chicken Finger Salad$7.99
Zaxby’s Chicken Finger Nachos$8.99
Zaxby’s Chicken Finger Quesarito$9.99

Boxed Lunches

Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Zaxby’s Signature Sandwich Boxed Lunch$4.99
Grilled Chicken Sandwich Boxed Lunch$5.19
Fingerz Boxed Lunch2 Pcs.$3.29
Fingerz Boxed Lunch3 Pcs.$4.29
Fingerz Boxed Lunch4 Pcs.$5.39
Fingerz Boxed Lunch5 Pcs.$6.49
Nibble Boxed Lunch$3.99
Boneless Wings Boxed Lunch$4.99
House Zalad Boxed LunchFried$8.99
House Zalad Boxed LunchGrilled$9.09
House Zalad Boxed LunchGarden$6.99
Cobb Zalad Boxed LunchFried$8.99
Cobb Zalad Boxed LunchGrilled$7.29
Cobb Zalad Boxed LunchGarden$9.39
Chicken Fingers – Regular$6.49
Chicken Fingers – Large$8.49
Wings & Things Meal – Boneless$6.79
Wings & Things Meal – Traditional$7.79
Wings & Things Meal – Large Boneless$8.79
Wings & Things Meal – Large Traditional$9.79
Spicy Signature Sandwich$3.99
Big Zax Snak® Meal$5.99
Buffalo Big Zax Snak® Meal$6.29
Zaxby’s® Signature Sandwich$3.99
Chicken Finger Sandwich Meal$5.99
House Salad$4.99
Caesar Salad$5.49
Texas Toast$1.49
Crinkle Cut Fries$1.49
Cole Slaw$1.49
Onion Rings$1.99
Chocolate Chip Cookie$1.49

Zaxby’s Allergen Menu

Zaxby’s is committed to providing safe and delicious food for all of its guests. They have a comprehensive allergen menu that is available online and in-store.

The menu includes information about all of the major allergens It also includes information about gluten and other common allergens.

Zaxby’s Menu Nutrition

Nutrition Information

How to Order from Zaxby’s Menu?

There are several ways to Order from Zaxby’s:

  • Online
  • Drive-thru
  • Delivery

Zaxby’s Contact Info

Zaxby’s Corporate Office Address1040 Founder’s BoulevardSuite 100 Athens, Georgia 30606
Zaxby’s Corporate Office Phone Number(706) 353-8107

Zaxby’s Menu Near Me

Zaxby’s has multiple locations across the United States. To find the Zaxby’s nearest to you, visit their website and use the “Locations” feature to search by your location.

Zaxby’s Hours

DayOpening HoursClosing Time
Monday – Friday10:30 AM10:00 PM
Saturday10:30 AM10:00 PM
Sunday10:30 AM10:00 PM

Final Word

Zaxby’s is a chicken lover’s paradise, offering a wide array of Mouth-Watering meals at affordable prices. From their famous chicken fingers to tasty zalads and tempting snacks, Zaxby’s has something to satisfy every craving.

I hope you enjoyed reading about Zaxby’s menu with prices. If you think I have left something out in this article then you can let me know in the comment box below.


Does Zaxby’s have any vegetarian or vegan options?

Yes, Zaxby’s has a few vegetarian options, such as the Veggie Zalad and the Grilled Chicken Sandwich without the chicken. They do not have any vegan options.

Does Zaxby’s have any gluten-free options?

Yes, Zaxby’s has a few gluten-free options, such as the Grilled Chicken Sandwich without the bun and the Crinkle Fries.

Does Zaxby’s offer delivery?

Yes, Zaxby’s offers delivery through third-party delivery services such as DoorDash and Uber Eats.

Does Zaxby’s have any coupons or discounts?

Yes, Zaxby’s often offers coupons and discounts. You can check their website or app for the latest offers.

Does Zaxby’s have a loyalty program?

Yes, Zaxby’s has a loyalty program called Zax Rewardz. Members can earn points for every dollar they spend at Zaxby’s. Points can be redeemed for free food and drinks.