Zaxby’s Wing Flavors

Looking for the best Zaxby’s wing flavors? Look no further! This post will cover all of the different wing flavors available at Zaxby’s, from the classic Zax Sauce to the more adventurous Tongue Torch.

Whether you’re looking for something mild or spicy, there’s a Zaxby’s wing flavor out there for you.

Zaxby’s Wing Flavors

Zaxby’s Wing Flavors Menu with Price

Original$5.80 (5 wings)
Spicy$5.80 (5 wings)
Teriyaki$5.80 (5 wings)
Honey Mustard$5.80 (5 wings)
BBQ$5.80 (5 wings)
Cajun$5.80 (5 wings)
Garlic Parmesan$5.80 (5 wings)
Mango Habanero$5.80 (5 wings)
Nuclear$5.80 (5 wings)

Zaxby’s Wing Flavor Review


The Original flavor is a classic choice for those who enjoy a mild and buttery garlic sauce. It’s a safe bet for anyone looking for a simple, traditional wing flavor.


If you’re a fan of heat, the Spicy flavor is a solid choice. The cayenne pepper-based hot sauce gives it a nice kick without being overwhelmingly hot.


For those who prefer a sweet and savory flavor, the Teriyaki wings are a great option. The teriyaki sauce adds a delightful contrast to the chicken.

Honey Mustard

The Honey Mustard wings offer a delightful balance of sweet and tangy flavors. They are perfect for those who enjoy a combination of sweet and savory tastes.


Zaxby’s BBQ wings have a smoky and tangy sauce that many barbecue lovers will appreciate. The flavor is rich and satisfying.


If you like your wings with a bit of a spicy punch, the Cajun flavor is for you. The blend of cayenne and black pepper in the sauce delivers a satisfying kick.

Garlic Parmesan

The Garlic Parmesan wings are a heavenly combination of buttery garlic and the richness of Parmesan cheese. They are a must-try for those who enjoy a creamy, savory taste.

Mango Habanero

For a sweet and spicy option, the Mango Habanero wings are a fantastic choice. The fruity sweetness of mango balances the heat of habanero peppers.


Be prepared for some serious heat with the Nuclear flavor. Made with habanero peppers, it’s not for the faint of heart. If you’re a fan of extreme spiciness, this one’s for you.

How to Order Zaxby’s Wing Flavors?

To order Zaxby’s wing flavors, you can either order online, through the Zaxby’s app, or in person at a Zaxby’s restaurant.

Online ordering

  1. Go to the Zaxby’s website or app.
  2. Click on the “Order Now” button.
  3. Select the type of wings you want (traditional or boneless).
  4. Select the number of wings you want.
  5. Select your wing flavor(s).
  6. Add any other items you want to your order.
  7. Review your order and proceed to checkout.

In-person ordering

  1. Go to a Zaxby’s restaurant.
  2. Approach the counter and tell the cashier what you would like to order.
  3. Tell the cashier the type of wings you want (traditional or boneless).
  4. Tell the cashier the number of wings you want.
  5. Tell the cashier the wing flavor(s) you want.
  6. Add any other items you want to your order.
  7. Pay for your order and receive your receipt.

Wing flavors

Zaxby’s offers 10 different wing flavors:

  • Wimpy
  • Original
  • Tongue Torch
  • Nuclear
  • Insane
  • Teriyaki
  • BBQ
  • Hot Honey Mustard
  • Sweet & Spicy
  • Honey Sesame

You can choose one flavor for your entire order, or you can get two different flavors. If you choose two flavors, your wings will be split 50/50 between the two flavors.


  • If you are unsure which wing flavor to choose, you can ask the cashier for a recommendation.
  • If you are ordering online, you can click on the “Wing Flavor Finder” tool to help you choose a flavor.
  • Zaxby’s also offers a variety of dipping sauces, so you can mix and match your wing flavors and dipping sauces to create your own unique flavor combinations.
  • If you are ordering for a group, you can consider ordering a Zaxby’s Family Pack. Family Packs come with a variety of chicken items, including wings, fingers, and tenders, as well as sides and drinks.


Thank you for reading about Zaxby’s wing flavors! I hope you enjoyed learning about the different options available and that you found the perfect flavor for your next meal.

I hope this post has helped you learn more about Zaxby’s wing flavors and that you are now excited to try some for yourself.

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